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Klause Pierre Reenacts “Say Anything.”

One of my favorite Klaus Pierre pieces. We set him loose around Santa Monica where he literally stopped traffic with his attempts to woo local females. A lot of this is just spot-on Klaus improv.

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8 Bit Theater: Adventure

The silliest 8-bit Adventure creation of mine… Yes, my narration voice here is somewhat similar to Byron Orpheus. I will grant you that.

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CompuBeaver the Animated Series

Based on the success of the live-action mock sitcom, we decided to pursue a full-blown homemade animation starring CompuBeaver. I wrote the thing, and did the overblown VO of Lumberjack Mccune. We turned up the cheese factor to mimic bad Japanime. By all accounts, the result was a gigantic flop…

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Mep Report #102

Storey vs. the Sloth Bear, Aloeverapathy, Hinduism in a Bag, Why Gandhi Gift Shops are not a Growth Industry, Justice Brandeis Heads to Hooters, TMR Welcomes a New Mepper, and Russ Hates 24 Year Olds.

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Fear and Loathing in Hyrule…

Of all the nutball ideas I came up with for BBtv, this one was my pride and joy. Created for Uncle Duke (HST). The VO is a little flat, as we ended up putting the wrong take of my HST impression into the video. So it goes…

The second half is an animated short by Eric Henry.

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A strange artsy case mod that we decided to devote an episode to. I play the part of Chuck, the IT guy. The intro song/montage was some of the most fun stuff I’d ever worked on.

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This is one of the two BBtv episodes in which I appear on camera (in the second half). These girls were a blast to hang out with and had created some really demented art fixtures.

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The Making of a Star: Klaus Pierre

Klaus Pierre, the now internet-famous German-French Action Hero, was an old friend of mine that I decided to devote a BBtv episode to. So, I took him to a local live production of “Point Break.” with the intention of throwing a little monkey wrench into their audience participation-driven show…

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