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Mep Report #100

TMR Goes Centenarian, Dulcet Tones of Liminal Space, Warring Gazebo States, Russ Subjects the Meppers to Furry Culture, Star Wars Fails at Physics, Sly Stallone is Old, Cutting Edge Fremen Technology, and there… are… Four… Wives!

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Mep Report #99

Message Board Territoriality, The New Segue Sound Effect, THe Price is Right Chop Shop, Fairytale Elves vs. Fantasy Elves, The Last Great Viking Debate of ’07, St. Magnus the Fictional, Sabre-Tooth Tiger Soup, Dentist Holliday, And How Clangy was the Iron Age?

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Mole Rap

Following Adam Koford’s moleman drawing demo, the second half is a mole-themed rap that I composed and performed Brooklyn-style…

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Mep Report #98

The Kris Kringle of Kaspersky, Waiting for Bureacracy and Global Climate Trends, Craigslist’s Free Rent for Nakeds, John Woo’s Body Swapper, Diplomatic Abortions, and Unanimous Euthenasia, and the Great Baby Migration of 2176, and A New Emu.

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Wonka-esque Movie Projector

I decided to turn a bunch of junky footage of Mark Frauenfelder and Mr Jalopy into something a bit more interesting…

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Mep Report #97

Chinese Dissidents Discover Emus, Incompetent Translation, The Teddy Bear that Shall Not be Named, Darwinian Cannabalism, The Internet Saga of ‘Two Girls One Cup’, Russ Identifies with Surfers who Rob Banks while Wearing Nixon Masks, And a Special Edition of Mep Lore: Drug Variety Night.

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