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Mep Report #96

A Minor Miscalculation, Turkey Crunk Lore, Your Choices are Commercialism or Gluttony, Parades that Come to You, My Grandson Works for the Mystery Tubes, The Legend of Fallopius Flairndip, Calling Greg, In Person E-mail Scams, O Beethoven! O Kids! O Tables!, and All Movies Prominently Featuring Domesticated Animals are Terrible.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Crunk

This rap that I wrote, composed, and performed, gave the BBtv crew their first inkling of my insanity…

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In The News

An early attempt to promote the podcast. You can find these stills in the ‘Mep Art’ section of the website.

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Mep Report #95

The Prodigal Emu Returns, Trent Lott – Minority Whip, Immortal Dead Clams, TMR Institues the Alzheimer’s Prevention Hour, The Great Audio Braille Experiment, Two Bumps Two Bumps Two Bumps, Traiblazers Draft Edward Scissorhands, Rejecting Max Contracts, There are no Ampersands in Baseball, And, Whatever You Do, Stop at Purple Belt!

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