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Mep Report #94

Russ Goes Boing Boing Boing, And Subsequently Runs out of “Units,” Speed Readers vs. Auctioneers, TMR Eats a Turkey Sandwich with the Devil,, The Adventures of Flying Buttress Boy, Greg Desperately Wants to Ridicule Navy Football, Force Lightning in a Can, Cows and Terrorists Conspire to Turn the World into a Slurpee, and Clea Ponders Why Tourists Enjoy Reaching Up the Bull’s Ass.

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Mep Report #93

(Guest Co-host: Kevin Grinberg) Metier Me, Fictional Portals to Hell, Militarizing North Korea’s De-militarized Zone, The Gatorade Center for High Fructose Corn Syrup Pouring, Word Empowering, Elementary Racism by Dr. Watson, Deterrence via Overreaction, Greg’s Tales of Road Rage, and Can the Elderly Competently Commit Felonies?

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Mep Report #92

Yankees Lose! Theeee Yankees Lose!, Russ Blames the Red Sox for 9/11, MepWiki: A Page That Will Live in Infamy, TMR Drafts Holy Warriors for the Great Battle Against the Clown, Smart Chocolate, Weird Foods, Discussion Gets “Interesting” (Sadly), Knights Templar Bugger Pope, Soft-Modding and You, And Hating

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