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Mep Report #91

The Tale of Ernest Schaudenfreuder: The Inventor of Milled Beer, The Meaningless Lives of Met Fans, The Dangers of Emotional Investment in the MacDonalds ‘Monopoly’ Game, Fantatical Powers, Clea Compares Monks to Satanists, Anarchists Have Trouble Coordinating, TMR’s First Stock Tip, New Yorkers Complain About Fascism, The Falafel Man and His Propaganda, And the Great Mystery of the Holiday Inn Express ‘Stay Smart’ Campaign.

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Mep Report #90

The Sleep and Science Episode: Russ Dreams Bad Sci-fi Scripts, Comatose Revelations, Alpha-Wave Meditation Cults, Lucy Dreams, Greg Dreams of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Arnold Schwarzenegger Carrying a Pasta Machine, TMR Solves the Energy, Climate Crises and Iraq war Trifecta, and Time-Traveling Reverse-Psychology Nazi Ad Campaigns.

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Mep Report #89

Simultaneous Mepping, Greg Gets Mistaken for a Sixteen Year-Old, Hugh Grant’s Whore Mangler, Enterprise Fender-Benders, Costco’s Sarcastic Price Club, Clea Learns to Hate, Telemarketing 101, More Wiki-Vandalism, All Sex is Rape Until it’s Not, and Newsflash: Christopher Walken is Strange.

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