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Mep Report #88

Russ and the Russian go to Heckling School, Joe Stuhoob’s Inn for Scalpers, Men’s Room Humor, The Great Dogfighting Debate of Ought-Seven, Consecutive Alternating Hooks = Invincibility, The 60s Stun, Dogs are Klingons, Dog Eugenics, and Michael Vick Sodomizes the Elderly and/or Disabled.

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Mep Report #87

Serial Amazon Reviewers, Who is Harriet Klausner?, Off-Off Broadway Flops, Wiki-ruption, Everyone’s Favorite Show: “Let’s Go Outside and Watch the Dueling Guys Shoot Each Other in the Head!”, Renaissance Message Boards, Steinbeck to Steinbrenner, Boom Goes the Dynamite, and Rex Hudler: Color Man or 1920s Seductress?

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Mep Report #86

A Day that Will Live in Famy, Russ Travels to the Land of Storey Shuffles Off this Mepper Coil (to a 21 Bagpipe Salute), Clea Gets Called Up to the Majors, Russ Becomes a Salmon, Comedy vs. a Stable Family Life, Russ Almost Gets Married and Doesn’t Know Why, Russian Litigators < Breasts, When Reality Shows Shouldn't Be, Decapitated Heads Also < Breasts, Male Breasts Also < Female Breasts, Beauty is in the Eye of the Double Helix, An End to Vague Demographic Descriptions, and Prisoners are People Even in Sign Language.. Download Mep Report #86

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