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Mep Report #85

A Day that Will Live in Famy, Russ Travels to the Land of Deliverance, Major City Qualifications, DC Madames Attend Debate Camp, Al Qaeda M.D., The National Automotive Threat Level, Fantasies of Alien Conquerors, This Next Story May Kill You, The Future of Wooden Cyborgs in MLB (Joe Nuxall vs. Buffalo Knuckles), Saturn’s Curse, and Marauding Gangs of Betrothed Jews.

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This is Our Chevy

This video was our Holy Grail of Offensiveness. Borne out of a hatred for the never ending John Mellancamp Chevy campaign playing on endless loops during the World Series, we decided to present our own portrayal of Chevy Patriotism. And our version happened to include things like American genocide, racism, torture, and suppression of truth.

So, ready a nearby eye gouging implement, and enjoy!