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The Secret (Uncensored) Part I

The premise for this is that the viewer is watching deleted scenes from the best-selling self-help DVD, The Secret. Yes, that is me in my underwear playing Gollum. Fun. Co-created with Payam Karamooz.

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The Secret (Uncensored) Part II

One of the most potentially offensive things I’ve ever created. Also a very hard hitting critique of the award winning and mind-numbingly stupid self help series. The other actor in the piece is one of my closest friends, comedian Payam Karamooz.

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Mep Report #84

The Art Interpretation Episode: Russ’ Little Secret, the Power of Oprah, Artists Too Cool for an Audience, Accessibility of Books, Your Lover vs. Houghton-Mifflin, the MMORPG of Doom, Cocaine is Not Art, How to Interpret the New Hit Song Called “Kill Yourself, Kill Yourself, Kill Yourself Now”, Serial Killers’ Reading Lists, and this Episode Makes You Stab Your Neck.

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Mep Report #83

Anger Confidential, Greg Tries to Get Storey Fired, Buzz Gooberman to the Rescue, Red Sox Paranoia, Tales of Unending Roadtrips, Unwise Trip to Wise, Uneducated Trip to Oxford, Subjective Theories of Time, Quantum Mechanics, and Particle Physics.

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Mep Report #82

Whoa-oa-oa, Letter from a Chad, Prophet Meter, Three’s Company in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib, Jim Croce Plugged, Greg Learns Who Raffi Is, John Ritter the Ninja Turtle, APDA Werewolf/Mafia, Meta-Meta-Meta Rally Time, Fun with Plantar Fasciitis, Giambi’s Gellin’, RPG Realism Revisited, and Grailade.

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