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Mep Report #81

Russ Tries to Get Storey Killed at a Mariners/Angels Game, the Rally Gorilla, Greg Learns Compassion in a Hockey Arena, Russ’ USCongress.TV, A-Rod Plays Uno with a Stripper, Michael Kay Continues to be an Idiot, Storey’s Opposition to Privacy, Storey Makes an Announcement that Disgusts the Others, the Wife-Beating Crap-Eater, and Exhibitionist Puritans.

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Mep Report #80

This Bird Has Flown (Norwegian Greg), Chewbacca Dies, The Onion Concedes, Russ Fought the Law and the Law Won, Hon. Douglas Malcolm’s Most Just Celery Sandwich, The Strange Ethics of Acceptance in Norwegian Lines, Viking Pillaging vs. Snail Cultivation, Austin and His JDate Crash a Skating Party, Russ Joins a Ditzy Commercial Girl and an Axe-Murderer in the Non-Sheep Reject Pile, and a Serious Discussion of the Dead: Jerry Falwell, Ronald Reagan, and Shawshank’s Warden Norton.

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Mep Report #79

Storey Lives, an Extensive Explanation of the Nature of an Elliptical Trainer, Swedish Complaint Departments and Other Myths, U?SB’s, The Great Debate Over the Definition of the Word Portable, Capsule Sponge Animals vs. Shrinky-Dinks, Toy Safety Standards, the Young Mepventers Club, Russ as a Cyborg with a Bomb, the Epic Nuking of Troy, the Electric-Shock Alarm Clock, Storey’s Risk Aversion, and Children: Not as Smart as Adults.

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