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Mep Report #78

Vanilla Christ and Chocolate Moses, It’s Not Unusual for Russ to Be Alone… Because He’s Too Smart for People, the Birth of an ArrogantJerk, the Giant Flying Beaver’s Quantum Leap, Serious Vlogging, the Boston Digg Party, RIAA Puppy-Kicking Stakes, Greg Explains Why the Mep Report is On the Internet, Clea Winnebago-Ho-Chunk, Little-Known Stories of Kokopelli, Naked Hydration Via Torso-Licking, First Do All Harm, 09-F9, Diplomatic Immunity and Movie Threes, Peter Jackson’s Jesus-Gandhi-Buddha Application, We Like to Star-Wars Star-Wars, and Star Wars 255: Death of Chewbacca.

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Mep Report #77

Vonnegut’s Daughter, the Cellphone Scurvy Apocalypse, Mechanical Bee Development, BDS, Iraq: Wipeout!, Storey Breaks the Sound Barrier, the Father of All Terrorists of All Time, Skeletor Slays the Princess of Power, Raleigh Eviscerates Marlowe, the Meaning of Decimated, the Virginia Tech Shooter/Admin Technology Gap, Antidepressant Safety, Bees with Guns, and Our Super-Duper Uplifting Analysis of Seung Cho.

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So it Goes. (Kurt Vonnegut 1922-2007)

To date, the most successful Mep promotional YouTube video. Spawned out of an irresistible desire to pay tribute to this man in a way that the national media never would. Storey put his heart and soul into this video, I added some video clips for effect. This video was completed between 2:00 -9:00 AM, the morning after Vonnegut passed. Possibly the best thing we’ll ever do.

A few months later, we received a very nice letter from Lily Vonnegut (Kurt’s daughter) saying that she and the family really enjoyed and appreciated the piece. That pretty much validated my entire existence, right there.

Mep Report #76

Microprofit, No More Mr. McCartney, Cell Phone Disabling Ring-Tone, Making Bounce Houses Out of Nothing at All, Bush The Onion Steals Our Material, Copylips, an E-Mail from Greg’s Soulmate, Mozes-Hataz, Extra-Tasty-Crispy Christianity, Big Spooky Heads Attached to Clouds, Random Free-Association Lightning, the Online Guide to Buddhist Retribution, Sandy Koufax the Fourth Prophet, Brit-Bashing, Wii-Falling, Brainwiing, Wiialism, Ender’s MoonMaster, and Video Games Take Over.

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Hangnail of the Yankees

A musical jaunt making fun of my least favorite Yankee of all time, Carl Pavano. This thing actually got picked up by as their “Video of the Day.”