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Mep Report #75

Microprofit, No More Mr. McCartney, Cell Phone Disabling Ring-Tone, Making Bounce Houses Out of Nothing at All, Bush Tears His Own Leg Off (by which we mean “Attacks Iran”), Iran Eats the British Hostages, Britain Sends in the Bobbies, Harry Potter Rules Gitmo, Greg Enjoys Russ’ Experience with Gratuitous Nudity, Humbaba Becomes Comfortably Numb, Incoherent Pretending to Sweat, and Russ’ Sumerian-English English-Sumerian Dictionary.

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Mep Report #74

A Christmas Equinox, Apocalypse Then, Mass-Historians, Back to the Committee Meeting, the Cannibal Grandson of Hitler, Storey Litters Parallel Universes, The Meanwhile… 72-Screen Meanwhile… Universe Meanwhile… Movie, the Noble Global Lie and the Fastidious Gremlins, the Unbearable Lightness of February 2nd, ATHFTMR the Movie, Mutant Emu Reptile Chickens, 1980-4 Candidates, Honor Thy Good, TwitterOrkutFriendsterFacebook and the Unclickables, Storey Hides from Neo-Nazis, Phonemmercials, and the Mep Report Throws Russ on the Street.

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Mep Report #73

The Vownage Video, California Orangin’, You Can Call Me Bob Garfunkel, NCAA vs. NBA, High-Stakes Prison Basketball, Escape Via Organ Donation, Vonage Rejects Our Critique, Viacom and the Deep Pockets, Mistakes Were Made, the Righteous Bullets, and the Great Line of Maginot.

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Another montage submission. I’d designed this one to counter the criticism that our other montage videos were too long and drawn out. And this tightly-packed, well-woven one didn’t do nearly as well as its slower paced cousins. Shows you what criticism is good for. :)

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Mep Report #72

Good Showers vs. TMR, Social Workers for the Rich, Welcome to Storey’s Hallucination, the 4th Wall Shattering Voice in Your Head, Having a Baby on MySpace, Sending Mail to 911, Harry Potter and the LOLOL, Lost in Customer Service, Disneyland’s Support Structure, Nordstrom’s Calls an Amulet, Real Estate Tells You What You Really Want, Neighbors with Money, Personal Shoppers, Storey’s Favorite Rich Person, Class Action Charity, Angelina Jolie is Collective Soul, and Clea Alienates Our Computers.

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