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Mep Report #71

Enter the Cavalry, the Trapeze Wedding March, Sex and Fake Ratios, Just Sell Baby, the Stock Market Crash, Hating What You’re Good At, Strom Thurmond Totally Pwns Al Sharpton, Fixed Incomes, The “I Shouldn’t [Blank] With Money” Challenge, Ben Brandzel’s Conveyor Belt Scenarios, Taxation by Earmark, and the Department of Pro Wrestling.

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Mep Report #70

The Power of the Dark Age, Intel EXTREME Graphics, the Legend of Music, Video Game Realism, Seizure-Protection Glasses, What Happens in Vegas Takes You Out Behind the Woodshed, Lip-Synching to Wax Cylinders, Radio Shack Rice-a-Roni, High Margin Items, Feeding Mr. Bob’s Kids, Corny Coke, NASCAR Nonsense, Harrison Bergeron Goes to Sports, Harnesses of Fire, and Russ Chooses Eyeball Implosion Over Being Within 23,999 Miles of a NASCAR Event.

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Boston Globe References 1/31/07: Never Forget


Here’s an article from the Boston Globe Online that referenced our video’s effect on the public fervor surrounding the Great Moonininte Scare of 2007.

Mep Report #69

Choose Your Own Mep Report, Blindfolded Podcasting, the Transitive Property of John Ameci, Marrying Jesus, MMORPJ, Really Unfunny Stuff, Wilson vs. Bradley, Specializing in Fame, the Rise and Conquest of Tomorrow’s Diseases, the Space Program Lottery, Mep… in… Space, and North Korea’s Infinite Loop.

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Mep Report #68

You Don’t Know Me and You Don’t Even Care, CommercialBowl, 7/7/7, 9/11 = 1/31 = 23 = Pi, Quantum Leap to Voiding the Universe, Yoda’s Storage Swamp, the Rat Pack’s Porridge, You Go for the Dead Relative – You Stay for the Vintage Coasters, Young Storey and Russ are Abducted by Aliens at the Grand Canyon’s Edge, the Cockroach Collection, Kellogg’s Ant Bran, Psycho Filmed Live, and Edgar Allan’s Cousin.

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1/31/07: Never Forget

This was the video that started it all. We had never done such a thing before, but Greg, Storey and I decided that this crazy event had to be memorialized somehow. And probably not by ranting about it on our podcast. Thus, a genre was born; the Mep Video Montage (TM). Given that we had no recording equipment, the montage had to consist of found stills from the internet, with some Photoshopping alterations.

This video made its internet rounds, being referenced in the Boston Globe, and showing up on the front page of BoingBoing.