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Mep Report #66

Mep Goes to the Movies II: the Revenge – Sex Violence and Dakota Fanning, Matt Damon: Ageless Wonder in the Boring Clemency, Close Talkers of the Third Kind, Beowulf and Raaaaaaaar, Horror vs. Scary, Clint Eastwood in Shawshank, Jude Jim and 23… plus Greg Hates Karaoke and Holden Caulfield, and the State of Irrelevance.

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Mep Report #65

Pump it Mep, the Secret of Unbeknownst Comedy, MC Setters, A History of Carpentry, Jesus Vila, Games Jesus Plays, Chats with God, Easter Egg Academia, Synthesize Me, the PPP Revisited, Jimmy Stewart Holds His Wee for a Wii, Saltine Contests, Apococlockto, and this is the Way the World Ends.

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Mep Report #64

Russ’ Former Boss Gets Colberted, Storey Forgets English, Drug War Analysis on Crack, the Government Likes Alcohol, The War-Loss-Drinking Theory, Regulation of Playoff Games, Iraq Surge: The Compromise Where Everyone Loses, The PIRGsurgency, Scorps on a Plane, Bush’s Little-Known Cook Named Serge, and Greg Transfers to the University of Kuwait.

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Russ Feels an Earthquake (TMR Highlight)

This is the first highlight we ever cut from a TMR episode.

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MacRussell the Hangersmith (TMR Highlight)

Some golden Mep Lore here. This all took place during the debate world championships in Glasgow, Scotland (2001).

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Superman doing the Timewarp (TMR Highlight)

Fun with harmony.

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Nazi Mime (TMR Highlight)

This highlight was so popular, it spawned its own t-shirt.

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Chipmunks Discussing Fantasy Football (TMR Highlight)

Title says it all.

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A Musical Interlude (TMR Highlight)

Meppers Singing.

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Ranting about (TMR Highlight)

Russ’s tendency of flaming things he’s had a bad experience with.

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