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Mep Report #62

Candles in a Bag, Gerald Ford (Godfather of Old), Death Penalty Lotto, Toxoplasmosis Sweeps France, Russ Explains that Toilets Represent Technological Advancement (with the PPP), Russ Hates Holidays, Castro’s Colon, Who is that Masked Baseball Player?, Black Market Goobie, We All Live with a Lot of Disease, and Yes We Have No Bananas.

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Mep Report #61

Happyness is a Free Movie, From a D to an E, Storey Gets a Nerd Demotion, Coincidance, Bush: Stupid or Selfish?, We Solve the Iraq War’s Personnel Shortage with Gang-Bangers, Cops, Prisoners, Civil War Re-Enacters, Pinochet, Zombies, AI and Larry Brown, a REAL Earthquake, The Minor Earthquake Response Team, and Mushroom Shampoo.

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Mep Report #60

The Six Miles of Heroism, McBears and Igloo Queens, Critical American Lives vs. The Meaningless Existence of the Feces People, Storey Unveils a Presidential Quiz Featuring Justin Timberlake, The Holocaust Convention That Wasn’t, Israel Rolls a D20, and Dave Goldberg The Long Island Werewolf Hunter (TM).

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Mep Report #59

The History of America Since 2001 (Circa 1998), The Dead On Balzac Curate, Princeton Review Citizenship Tests, Submliminal… Like a Fox, Tales of Small Talk: Throwing the Flag, Being Cool, Slipping Away, and Yelling for Anarchy; plus Video-Gamers in the Afterlife Standing in for Most of Earth’s People and Cross-Species Mating.

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