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Mep Report #58

Poker Parades, Subway’s Bread Shortage, and The Mep Report Debates Doctors: Migraines, Anti-Depressants, Acupuncturists, Multivitamins, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Vaccines, and Learning from Experience.

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Mep Report #57

A Tienanmen Turducken, Storey Has a Doctor, Super Triple Migraine Fury Go Now, Russ’ Error of Comedies, The Michael Richards Dead Air Special, Tales of a Cracker, Pursuing Happiness in the Tenderloin, and Russ Finds True Love with the Princess of Power.

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Mep Report #56

Radio Recruitment for Death, Oprah for President, John Milton’s Cheeseburger, Reverse in Orleans New, Dancing in Toasted Oatmeal, OJ’s Money Shot, Hertz Ads, Our Visit to, and Hang on Schmoopie.

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Podcast 411 Interview


Here’s me at the 2006 New Media Expo in Ontario, CA talking about what TMR is all about on Podcast 411.

Mep Report #55

(Guest: Charles Cadenhead) Timeliness, the Crazy 2006 Election Special: Buddy Khavkhalash Appears, Storey Hates Paper Ballots, the Government Serves Stew, Exit Poll Impatience, Russ’ Vote Doesn’t Count, Negron Activate, Russ Misleads the BH, Finger Lickin’ Socialism, Oil Obfuscation, and the Penn State PreNatal Lions.

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Mep Report #54

(Guest: Charles Cadenhead) Timeliness, the Crazy Asian Band,, the Quadfecta, the Clown-Stripper Portion of 9/11, Terror Strikes Staten Island, Schwarzenegger vs. Huffington, Tactical Nukes,, Storey Calls Out the Nielsen Ratings, and a Whole New Meaning to Political Exchange.

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