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Mep Report #53

(Guest: Yoni Newman) Your Cheatin’ Rogers, Baseball Law, Deterrent by Death, Chevy Propaganda Conquers the USA, Bush Both Does and Does Not Change His Iraq Policy, Hugo for Security, Midterm Election Preview, Giant Roosters, the Canadian Government, Struggles with Swearing, and Mep Report Authors.

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Mep Report #52

Unsolicited Magazines, Jack Attack, Publish or Perish, News from the Ivory Tower, the Los Angeles Angels of Academia, Ikea, An Audience of One, Laughtracks Live, Art Declared Dead, Paint on Me, and a 4-Year-Old Does the Mep Report?

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Mep Report #51

Friday the 13th in Mepland, Speak-and-Spell Ouija, The Ultimate Video Game Immersion Door-to-Door Service, Our Post-Apocalyptic Future, Adjectival Leaders, Russ’ Elaborate Plan to End the War in Iraq and Revitalize the US Army with NFL Players, the End of the A’s, and Our New Web Design.

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Mep Report #50

50th Episode Megashow, with Special Guests Jordan Segal, Emily Clayton, Clea Wilson, Steve Lubitz, and Jeff Delacorte… 20% More Storey, Russ’ Trip Down J-Date Lane, Alien Babies, Storey Wrestles Nutrition, Happiness Debated, Flirty Foley, THE Greg Wilson, Screwed in Sacramento, Miscarriage Trauma, Fantasy Football, and Our Biggest Fan.

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