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Mep Report #49

Clea Returns, Knock-Knock in the Closet, Clea Feeds Russ Shellfish, An eSnipe Hunt, GPS, Humans Devolve, Cell Phone Values, TO’s Publicist, and the Horrors of Baseball Hall of Famers.

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Mep Report #48

Welcome to Utah, Meet the Mep, Coup de Thai, Iran Cures AIDS, Aerosmith Lucas Laserdiscs, Westworld Remade, How to Beat MVP Baseball 2005: a Guide, Misstepped Movies, Your 2006 Terrorism Warrrrrriors!, Yul Brynner Helper Robots, MacGyver, and Baby Muppets Superman.

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Mep Report #47

(Guest: Emily Clayton) Storey Commits Seppuku on his Pinky, 2 Out of 3 Meppers Don’t Use Doctors, 85% Incompetence, In Case of Subaru Break Glass, Flaming Napkins, Parking Lot Vultures, Vioxxalypse Now, Wasted Potential, and a Meptrack of Our Lives.

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Mep Report #46

Send Us an Emu, The Committee to Plan Committees Committee, Storey’s Felony, Russ Commits Mental Seppuku, and Why the Mep Report Will Never Have Strippers.

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