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Mep Report #45

A Brief History of Mep, Car Talk, The Big Lebowski, World Class Bottle-Sorting, Adopt a Driver, Socially Conscious Strippers, Cutco: the Biggest Scam in America, The Moral Series of Poker, and Job Gets Jobbed.

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Mep Report #44

An Evening of Fantasy with the Emu: A Disneyland Battle for the Soul of Greg, It’s Cynicism After All, Disrael, Dark Age of Rehab, Mr. Mr. Toad Toad Happy Fun Land Ride, Baseballand, Fantasy Sports, Fantasy Pronunciation, Fake Italians, the Soul of Muhammad Ali, and Stem-Cell Imaginings.

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Mep Report #43

A Polaroid Emu, Word Reclamation, Prelude to a Milking, the Genesis of Sega Sales, the Last Soda Sommelier, SwearWars, Prime Emu’s Questions, and a Discussion of Wizards Leads Us Back to Science vs. Religion.

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Mep Report #42

Mets Fans, the Podcast Quiz, We Become a Show About Emus, Russ Folds on a Date, North Korean Medieval Relics, Storey Declares War on the Family, Greg Separates Us from the Animals, and Two Irrationals Fail to Make a Rational.

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Mep Report #41

Illness Assails the Meppers, MepWiki, Compulsory Pejorative Titles (CPTs), Russ Disproves Jesus, Greg Fans His Frustration, The 4 Rules of Life, The Verb To Genocide, and a Comprehensive History of Storey’s Dating Past.

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