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Mep Report #40

We Win the Cast War, Central Meditation Agency, Jeff Calls Back, Tony Barking Blair, Russ and the Podcastress, Cat Scratch Village, the Israel/Hezbollah Conflict Creates a Worldwide Genocide, and Free Will Revisited.

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Mep Report #39

Emus Gone Wild, Sudanese Stem Cells, Russ Eats Friends and Celebrities, Attack of the Animate Corn, Fantasy Class, Robots, and Why God is More than a Bad Bureaucrat.

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Mep Report #38

Storey Meets Zinedine Zidane on the Subway, Tales of Road Rage, Russ Defends Zizou, School Fights, Russ Moves from Burma to Antarctica, Russ Regrows Hair, Trapezoidal Heads, Forgiveness, and the All-Star Game.

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Mep Report #37

Spanish Translation, World Goooooooooool Cup, Mep Merchandise Announced, Lay Kenneth Lay, Laser Tag, DDR, Russ eHarmonizes, Lonely Celebrities and Other Myths, and Politics: Dynasties vs. Attractiveness.

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