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Mep Report #36

Mep Goes to the Movies, X3, Fox Does LoTR, Halle Berry’s History, Aquaman, Superman, and How to Win an Oscar… But First, Greg, Russ, and Clea Bash the West in Storey’s Absence… and Later, the Internet at Work and Aging Musicians.

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Mep Report #35

NBA Finals, The Boss Key, PC vs Mac, Mac vs Commodore, The Impending Nuclear Sandbox War, the Spoiled Cocaine-Laden Alcoholic Sons of Debutantes are Replaced by Tonka Trucks, North Korea Wanders the Streets, and Storey Roots for Ghana and thus Sparks a Debate on the Nature of the USA.

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Mep Report #34

Tiddlywinks, Hot Older Women, Superman and Garfunkel, Superzeroes, the World Cup, False Advertising, Ballerinas vs Bettis, Breaking a Leg for Lovin’, and Cast Wars.

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Mep Report #33

(Guest: Kevin Grinberg), Fun with Anne Coulter, Russ Learns from a Blind Date, Wrestling with Analogies, Two Indian Tech Supporters Battle for the Heart and Mind of Greg, X3 Spoiled, Veronica Mars vs. Rachel in Africa, the Ministry of Silly Names, and Prince’s Credit Rating.

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