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Mep Report #32

(Guests: Steve & Maureen Lubitz), The Bush/Gump Conspiracy, the Women of Catan, Andy Crashes a High School Dance, The Ethics of Dance-Rejection, Wherever Yugo I will Follow, Storey Brings the Hate, Andy’s Deaf Ear Explained, and a Wicked Good Sit In.

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Mep Report #31

(Guest: Jordan Segal), Storey Transcends Life as a Grapefruit, Russ Finds a New Friendster, The Even-Numbered Principle Explained, Hot Elevator Lovin’, Troubleshooting Russ’ Dilemma in the Face, and a 28-Hour Roadtrip with the Emu.

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Mep Report #30

(Guest: David Rennich), Wicked Good Shoutouts, Russ is Prescribed Pop-Rocks, We all Mep in a Yellow Submarine, Storey Watches a Video Game Come to Life, Canada Pucks Up, And our Guest Worker Program Debuts.

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Mep Report #29

Daniel Day Lewis Rides into the Night, Andy Alienates the Spat-Upon, and The Mep Report Exposes the Hypocrisy of (with Andy for the Defense).

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Mep Report #28.1

Serious Discussion of Determinism vs Free Will

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Mep Report #28

How to be a Mep Guest Without Really Trying, A Call from the Wild, Andy Fails to Guess Storey’s New Job, Podvertising, Forrest Gump Guest Stars, Fun with Plagiarism, and Determinism vs. Free Will.

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