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Mep Report #23

Clea Wilson Guest Stars, A Paradigm-Shifting Music Clip, Russ Cancels J-Date, Clea Reveals the Secrets of Females in Dating, Greg Reveals a Heartbreak, and Russ Becomes a Super Villain.

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Mep Report #22

Pismo Beach, An Ocala Education, Self-Incrimination, The Sterroids that Ate Baseball, Why we Root, and Andy’s Hometown Sports Proposal.

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Mep Report #21

The Large Gliding Raccoon that Doesn’t Rule the Universe, World Baseball Classic, Games People Play, Andy Witnesses a Vomiting, and Great Actors.

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Mep Report #20

Fantasy Baseball Draft, Russ Goes on (Another) J-Date, Egos Gone Wild, Andy Prevents a Friend from Going to the Bathroom, Meta-Mep, and Analyzing Greg.

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Mep Report #19

Live from a Capoeira Bar, Mep Gets an E-mail, Vox Monitor, Russ Defends the Knicks, Detlef Schrempf,, Rack-O, Ben Stein, Bush and Port Security, and Brazilian/Vonnegut Equality.

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