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Mep Report #18

Clea Wilson guest stars, Technical Difficulties, Back to the Future that Never Happened, Storey Rants from a Roadside, Greg & Clea Call Russ Out to the East, and Cybering.

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Mep Report #17

Daily Podcast Review, Nationalism?, Dick Cheney, Russ Calls Storey Out, Return to Dark Age of Camelot, J-Date Update, Civil War Dating, and Star Wars

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Mep Report #16

Bush and Substance Abuse, The Great Feedback Disaster, SuperBowl Wrap, Mac vs PC, Betamax, Superman Randomness, the Philosophy of Personal Identity, and Planned Obsolescence.

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Mep Report #15

Accolades, the Guinea Pigcast, Inflatable Rats, Russ Pays for J-Date, Shouting from Jeeps, Casual Carpooling, How to Spot a Terrorist, Russ Befriends a Table, and the State of the Union.

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