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Mep Report #14

Odeo, What the Bleep do we Know?, Russ and the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, The Global Consciousness Project, Superbowl XL, Kobe Bryant, NBA Rundown, Life in Yelm, Coalmine Safety, and the Emu Pledge Drive.

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Mep Report #13

Clea Wilson guest stars, Skating with the Stars, Fair-Use Policy,, Adventures in Furniture, Russ as Frank Oz, AOL Chat Rooms, and Clea tells a joke.

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Mep Report #12

Storey Becomes Samuel Alito, Andy on Constitutional Law, Greg Becomes Darth Vader, Ono’s Restaurant, The Women of Karate Kid, Russ the Junior Vomit Comet, Sideways, Arrested Development, and Psychic Friends.

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Mep Report #11

Daniel Day Lewis, Craigslist, Home Furnishings, Ben Brandzel, Llamas, Russ Wrestles with Adulthood, J-Date and Dating Hot Women.

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