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Mep Report #10

Bird Flu, Holidays, Pirates, King Kong, Peter Jackson, Pacifism, Hitler, and Singing.

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Mep Report #9

Accolades, The Big Bad Government, Russ Travels to a Casino with Biscuits, Water Massages, and Happy Holidays.

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Podfly Podcast of the Week


In the olden days when the Emu was a wee hatchling, we were selected as podcast of the week by podcast website, Podfly.

Mep Report #8

Fantasy Football, Podcast/Movie Ratings, Taking Names in Vain, Pirates, Andy’s Character, Drugs and Koalas, Illegal Strikes, Google Earth, Psychic Powers, Evil Papers, NYC Homeless, and a 3-Word Story.

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Mep Report #7

Fantasy Football Playoffs, The Suspenseful Song Bet, Violence in Video Games, Graphics Cards, The PIRG Aspen Retreat, and Cop in a Box.

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